A UAV ground station software package for MAVLink based systems


MAVProxy is a fully-functioning GCS for UAV's. The intent is for a minimalist, portable and extendable GCS for any UAV supporting the MAVLink protocol (such as the APM).


  • It is a command-line, console based app. There are plugins included in MAVProxy to provide a basic GUI.
  • Can be networked and run over any number of computers.
  • It's portable; it should run on any POSIX OS with python, pyserial, and select() function calls, which means Linux, OS X, Windows, and others.
  • The light-weight design means it can run on small netbooks with ease.
  • It supports loadable modules, and has modules to support console/s, moving maps, joysticks, antenna trackers, etc
  • Tab-completion of commands.

Running under Ubuntu:

Running under Windows 7:

Download and Installation

A list of commits to MAVProxy (closest thing to a changelog that is available) can be seen here.


A complete windows installer for MAVProxy is available at

Please note that the "missionedit" module does not currently run on the Windows package of MAVProxy. This is being investigated and will hopefully be fixed soon.


Linux users can use the PyPi program to get the needed packages:
sudo apt-get install python-pip

Then download and install MAVProxy. Prerequisites will be automatically downloaded too. Note a sudo may be required in some circumstances if the install generates errors.
pip install MAVProxy

The following other packages may also be required:
sudo apt-get install python-opencv python-wxgtk

Note that on some Linux systems, python-wxgtk may be instead named as python-wxgtk2.8.


Some users have reported difficulties with installing wxPython on the latest version of OSX. These issues have not yet been resolved, so you may have mixed results trying to get MAVProxy up and running.

OSX should require the same prerequisites as for the Windows installations.

User Guide


Starting MAVProxy




Rally Points

Startup Scripts

Flight Modes and Arming


System Commands


Link Management

Joystick Input


Playback from Log

MAVLink Tools

Running a Simulation Environment


Installing the Development Environment

Creating Custom Modules


MAVProxy is released under the GNU General Public License v3 or later